Love After Lockup – How I Had A Sucessful Fuckbuddy Relationship

So, you’re looking to get back in the dating game after being in jail…

Fuck Buddy Relationships get a bad rep, and for good reason. If history is any indicator, it’s that they always go sour at some point. How many friends with benefits relationships do you know where the couple were still friends afterwards? Very few, I’m guessing.

But listen, I’ve got a secret. I actually had a very successful fuck buddy relationship that last almost two years after using the free fuckbuddy matching site – It was purely sex and my god, it was brilliant. It wasn’t some weird kind of boyfriend, girlfriend deal either. Our entire relationship was based on fucking and it worked out really well.

How did I do it? And an even better question, why did it end? Well, in this article, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about finding – and maintaining – a fuck buddy relationship.

Choose The Right Partners

Okay, so the harsh truth is that not everyone can enjoy a fruitful fuck buddy relationship. Some people just vibe well with the whole thing. Some women are better suited to relationships or casual dating. That’s why it’s important that you pick a person who gels well with a friends with benefits situation.

Ideally, she needs to have her own life too. You don’t want some clingy and you definitely don’t want a chick with daddy issues. Choose one of those ladies and you’re asking for drama. When you find that girl you click with on a physical level, bring up the idea of a fuck buddy relationship.

Set Your Ground Rules

Yeah, these types of things are casual, but one of the best tips I ever got was to set your ground rules so you’re both on the same page. A lot of people run into these kinds of relationships assuming it’s just a fucky free-for-all when, in fact, it’s anything but.

Is pillow talk allowed? Should you add each other on social media and if so, can you comment on her posts? Do your friends need to know about your new arrangement? How does dinner together sound? These are all things you need to discuss before the endless casual sex begins. Keep your expectations in check and you’ll both be on the same page.

Your Fuck Buddy Isn’t Your Girlfriend

Of all the things you need to know, this one is the most important. Don’t under any circumstances expect to go to the movies together. Don’t expect to introduce her to your mom and don’t think she’ll be coming to your business function.

When you start doing girlfriendy things with her, everything changes. She goes from being someone who gives you physical fulfilment to someone you could fall in love with. Your friendship should be based on sexual convenience, not emotionally bonding experiences.

And You Aren’t Her Boyfriend

At no point during your relationship should the words boyfriend or girlfriend t rear their head. However, this is something that men in these deals struggle to understand.

As your fuck buddy, she’s allowed to go out and do whatever she wants on her own terms. Think of yourselves as sex toys that the other person will only pick up when they want physical pleasure. If your fuck buddy is out partying, or maybe even hooking up with another guy – that’s absolutely fine and there’s nothing you can (or should do about it). Keep your feelings away from it all.

Every Fuck Buddy Situation Is Different

So your friend Greg had a fuck buddy relationship that broke all the conventional rules. They confessed their feelings to each other, they were exclusive, they said ‘I love you’ during sex.

Barf. First of all, no one wants that. Second of all, just because it worked Greg, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that you need to keep feelings, emotions and commitment far away from every fuck buddy arrangement.

Enjoy The Situation

So, you’re in a casual sex relationship and you’re only having sex with one woman? Why the hell would you do that?

The whole point of a casual sex arrangement is so you can go out and speak the language of love far and wide without having to worry about hurting someone else. You’re free to have the time of your life and enjoy all of the sex your dick can handle. It’s called friends with benefits for a reason!

Certain People Can’t Be Fuck Buddies

So you’ve started dating someone and the sex is out of this world. But oh no, something doesn’t quite click and she tells you she’s not looking for “anything serious.” Every guy and girl out there knows that “not looking for anything serious” means “I just want to fuck around.”

However, don’t be thinking that you can progress any old relationship to a fuck buddies style deal. Not everyone has their shit together in order to deal with the ins and outs of fucking without feelings. Like I mentioned in tip one, only pick the ones who are mature and capable enough to pull it off.

Keep Jealousy Out

If there’s one thing I keep seeing time and time again it’s that one half of the relationship got jealous and blew the whole deal to hell. Jealousy is the silent killer of any FWB relationship so if either you or your fuck partner has a jealous streak, it might be time to re-evaluate your situation.

A no strings relationship is difficult because you’re fighting against your primal responses. Physical acts naturally create emotional bonds, but there’s no place for that in a FWB relationship. So, if you’re the jealous type, the best thing to do is avoid fuckbuddy relationships at all costs.

Be Respectful

Just because your entire relationship is based around sex, doesn’t mean you should treat the other person like a sub-human. That’s the reasons it’s called friends with benefits, because you still need to maintain a good friendship with her.

When you communicate, be polite. Use the same kind of language you would when talking to anyone, regardless of whether she’s seen your cum face or not. She’s not some two-dollar whore in a porn film who wants to be called a slut or a floozy. You still need to talk to her as a person. Don’t get mad at her if she can’t fulfil your sexual needs at a certain date and time because she likely has other commitments to worry about herself.

It’s Not Something Long Term

Eventually, your casual sex relationship is going to come to an end and you’re going to be feeling pretty lousy about it. Your fuck buddy is gone and there’s no way you’ll ever find another woman so open-minded and sexually adventurous, right?

Well, wrong. There are millions of people out there looking for a relationship of this caliber. Even better yet, instead of being upset that your relationship came to an end, think of it like practice. You got to have loads of sex with a hot person without consequence, and that’s something to feel good about it.

Keep It Solely As A Fuck Buddy Relationship

Do you know the best way to ruin a good casual sex relationship? Try and evolve it into something else.

Ever heard of a pair of friends with benefits becoming a couple, getting married, having kids? No, because this type of arrangement doesn’t lend itself well to becoming something more. Time and time again, people try to bag their fuck friend as an exclusive partner. The moment you enter a no strings relationship, you have to be content that it’ll never be anything more.

You Can Still Be Friends

It’s true, you can. If you’re sleeping with someone you connect with on a friend level, there’s nothing stopping you still being buddies once your physical deeds have come to an end.

Yes, historical track records show that is a tough route to go down, but if you’re both mature and adult about the whole situation, there’s a way it can all work out. Honesty is the best approach, and if you’re part of the same friend circle, then you need to be comfortable with the fact that one of your friends has seen your penis.