Getting out Jail After Arrest

So let’s talk a little about getting out of jail after you’ve been arrested. We’re are going to look at the process of getting yourself out and another person.

If you’ve been arrested before, one of the very thoughts that’ll come into your mind is to get out and many almost always go for post bail.

Bail is cash, property or a bond that an arrested must give to a court to make sure that he or she will appear in court when he’s summoned to do so.

But if by any chance, he doesn’t show up, the may keep the bail and issue a warrant for his arrest.

How Bail Is Set

Bails are usually set by Judges and because so many people want to get out of jail almost immediately, most jails have standard schedules that specify bail amounts for common crimes.

Someone who is arrested can get out of jail quickly by paying the amount that is set forth in the bail schedule.

If the suspect can’t come up or afford such a money, he can ask a judge to lower it and it’ll be lowered depending on the state’s procedures.

The 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that bail shouldn’t cost too much. This means that bail should not be used as the primary money-making tool for the government.

It should also not be used as a punishment to the crime suspect. The goal of jail is to allow the arrested to remain free until convicted of a crime and at the same makes sure he appears before the judge in the court of law.

Conditions of Bail:

The following are the conditions of bail:

  • A waiver of payment on the condition that the defendant appear in court at the required time.
  • A bond
  • A property that is equivalent to the full amount of bail
  • Cash or check

So in the nutshell if you want to be bailed out of jail be very careful not to brake the conditions of bail because it might lead to unfruitful results.

These conditions are kept in place so that bail out will be as affordable and humanitarian as possible.

Although there are some dark sides into bailing out but that’s not what we’ll be discussing this time.

That’s why our goal is ensue that we bail out as many as we can every year.  And to achieve this goal we need your help .

One thing you can do to support is to stay out of trouble and donate. Why we say you should stay out trouble as much as you can is because if you don’t, you’ll become a liability to use and the money that should have been used on someone else will be used to be bail you out.

So again, please stay out of trouble and be law abiding.

That said, bail out is one of the most beautiful arrangements in our constitution and will always be.

Thanks to the U.S government and many agencies for helping out in making sure our project gets the light it deserves.

Thanks for reading this article in its entirety.

Stay safe!


Voss Studler

Voss is a Criminal defense lawyer who has spent over 20 years bailing out 1200+ prisoners and has spent more than $120000 doing so.